La storia della fotografia della Foto Studio Labor inizia nel 1938

The Foto Studio Labor is one of the oldest and most historical studies of Cagliari. Today we can say that part of the history of photography in Sardinia , marked well before 1989. In fact, since 1938 we could Lorai Guido prior to 89 ' soon ' service for about 50 years as a photographer of ' Aeronautics and foreman of the most advanced techniques of aerial photography. From 1938 through Lorai ' a long period of study and sacrifice , but his life is as top-secret Military . Survived the ' sinking of the " black bars " during World War II after receiving a gold medal for military valor , and be retired but not before he has become captain of the polygon experimental photography industry Quirra and Elmas , background ' so the Foto Studio Labor . We have a series of photographs documenting the history that has been handed down in our DNA and that they should go into a museum. For many, the studio has served photographers regarding the development of the film Black & White and Slides . For nearly twenty years, we specialize in wedding photography , wedding . To date , we serve a dozen schools of Dance and theater and work in the most ' important hotels islanders for a number of national and international events . The photograph and the images are a way to write the story , and we hope that our customers continue to entrust this great artistic opportunity . To date, we have expanded the range of services and we can say a 360 ° photography. You will find all types of jobs in the pages that follow. Good continuation .